(c) The Phillipp Bedwell Campaign, 2019

Republican Phillipp Bedwell

A Conservative Leader for District 75



I want to fight the out-of-control growth of our state government. Did you know that our budget has grown 25% over just the past four years? I support capping the growth of our state government from year to year. 


I oppose additional taxes being placed on our people, like the gas tax. Our people are being taxed too much and our sales tax is one of the highest in the country. 



I believe in the sanctity of life.  I will stand for pro-life policies and will work to ensure we save the lives of our unborn children.


Planned Parenthood should not receive a single cent from the taxpayers of our state.  End of story.



I am Pro-2nd Amendment. You have a constitutional right to bear arms. 


I would support allowing concealed carry without a permit, as long as we have some provisions that would ensure those who do not have the mental capacity to carry a gun are excluded.